The Origin of Species

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Origin Of Species

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View work. This month marks the th anniversary of the most influential piece of popular science writing ever published.

Charles Darwin's use of theology in the Origin of Species.

To do so is to experience the extraordinary sensation of having a scientific genius enter your mind to guide you through his most important theory. Now we have asked the geneticist, evolutionary thinker and author Steve Jones to summarise and update the book for the 21st century - and, we hope, to inspire readers to experience Darwin's astounding, world-changing writing first-hand.

The Making of a Theory: Darwin, Wallace, and Natural Selection — HHMI BioInteractive Video

Origin of Species Revisited: Variation under domestication In which Darwin uses examples from domestication to explore the causes of variability and the principles of selection. Origin of Species Revisited: Variation under nature In which Darwin considers individual differences and highlights the wide degree of variability within species upon which natural selection works.

Origin of Species Revisited: Struggle for existence In which Darwin describes the competition in nature for limited resources. Origin of Species Revisited: Natural selection and laws of variation In which Darwin explores the forces influencing the variation upon which natural selection works.

The Origin of Species: The Making of a Theory

Origin of Species Revisited: Difficulties on theory In which Darwin considers organs of extreme perfection and other apparent stumbling blocks for his theory. Origin of Species Revisited: On the geological succession of organic beings In which Darwin considers why our palaeontological collections are full of gaps, and describes how his theory can account for the pattern of succession from fossils to living forms.

Origin of Species Revisited: Geographical distribution In which Darwin demonstrates the importance of geographical barriers and climate change to explain the distribution of life as we see it today. Origin of Species Revisited: Mutual Affinities of organic beings: Morphology: Embryology: Rudimentary organs In which Darwin considers classification and shows how his theory can be used to organise the living world along evolutionary lines.

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  • Listen to the Origin of Species revisited We thought you might enjoy listening to this tribute, as well as reading it - so we're releasing Jones' remixed Origin as a series of free mp3 downloads, with each chapter being read by a different member of the New Scientist staff. I trust you will not allow yourself to be in any way disgusted or annoyed by the considerable abuse and misrepresentation which unless I greatly mistake is in store for you

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