High Performance Computing Systems and Applications

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Of course computers talk to each other over networks, and there are a variety of computer network or interconnect options available for business clusters.

We offer services that include design and installation of supercomputers, HPC clusters, HPC Parallel storage systems, user training, system administration training, parallel file system administration training and benchmarking. Our HPC experts work with end users to identify their specific needs and requirements. Using the most relevant technology and products, our system design engineers develop a balanced system design to match your budget and performance requirements.

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Our engineers then explain how our design helps achieve customer goals. Our engineers are experts in all components of high performance computing systems at various layers — including hardware, interconnects, protocols, file systems, operating systems, compilers, applications, schedulers, management software, etc.

High-Performance Computing: Dos and Don’ts

We reduce the complexity and deliver the best possible solution for your needs. The applications described here are only a small sampling of the most popular HPC applications available, representing a subset of the software that has been developed for High Performance Clusters. If you would like a software package not included on this list to be deployed onto your cluster, Aspen Systems can help. No matter how obscure your software, we have probably installed it onto many clusters.

To determine if Aspen Systems can pre-install, configure and performance optimize your specific application, speak with your Aspen Systems sales engineer today! At Aspen Systems we believe every complex problem has a simple solution.

Our expert sales engineers will create a state of the art system, using the latest generation of technology, and provide world-class results. Learn more about the advantages of working with us, and our commitment to manufacturing excellence.

What is high performance computing?

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